Make a Toad House

toad abode

Invite toads to come live in your backyard by making them a home.

What You Need

  • Ceramic flower pot
  • Paint, washable or not (optional)
  • Paint brush, child-sized (optional)
  • Fist-sized rocks, at least one
  • Saucer

What You Do

  1. Decorate the pot.
    This is an optional step, but the most fun if working with a child or if you love crafts.
    Have fun with it! Decorate the pot with paints, markers or by gluing pebbles to the sides.
    You can use washable paint when working with small children if you don’t mind the designs getting washed off in the rain.

    painting pot

  2. Find a place for the house.
    Find a cool, shady area outside.
    Arrange the rocks in a semi-circle, with a gap for an entrance. Place the pot on the rocks so it is tipped on the diagonal.

    toad abode

  3. Provide water
    Dig down into the earth and put the saucer so that the lip is level with the soil. Fill it with water.
    Check the saucer regularly during dry weather and add a bit of water as needed.