Make a Winter Lantern

snow lantern

Make a lantern in the snow.


What You Need

  • Snow
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Adult Supervision

What You Do

  1. Make a place in the snow.
    Stamp down a flat place in the snow for your lantern.
  2. Make snowballs.
    Pack snow into balls the size of oranges.
  3. Make the lantern.
    Arrange the snowballs in a circle, leaving an opening on one side to add the candle later. Stack another layer of snowballs on top of the first, curving this layer inward a bit. Keep adding layers, curving them inward, until the top of the lantern is closed.
  4. Add the candle.
    Grown-up job: Light the candle and slide it into the opening. Watch your snow lantern glow!snow lantern
  5. Ice lantern.
    You can also make a lantern out of ice! Fill a large bowl with water. Place a smaller bowl in the large bowl so that it’s floating. Freeze the bowl either outside or in the freezer. Once it is frozen, remove the bowls and place the candle in the place of the smaller bowl. Place outside, light the candle, and watch it glow!