Make Birds from Peanut Shells

Nutty Birds Craft

Craft by Donna Miller; Art by Danielle Jones

Look at the nutty birds you can make from the leftover shells of your next bag of peanuts! Here’s how:

What You Need

  • feathers
  • glue
  • google eyes
  • modeling clay
  • paint (optional)
  • whole peanut shells
  • ballpoint pen
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors

What You Do

  1. Choose a whole peanut to make a bird’s body.
  2. For wings and for a big head and bill, glue split shells to the body.
  3. For legs and for a small bill, cut up pieces of pipe cleaner. Punch holes in the shells with a ballpoint pen. Stick the pipe cleaners through the holes and glue them in place.
  4. Pack modeling clay inside the feet of long-legged birds to help them stand up.
  5. Glue on google eyes and small feathers for a tail, if you can find some at a craft store. You can also decorate your birds with paint, if you wish.Peanut shell birds