Creepy Specimens Jars

Spooky Specimen Jars 1156x650

Crocodile brains, fish eyes, bat bones. . .what’s a creepy laboratory without spooky specimens? Check out these gruesome jars and make some for your own mad lab—if you have the guts!

by Michele Reyzer; photo by Mark Godfrey

What You Need

  • clear, empty glass or plastic jars with lids
  • craft paint
  • creepy labels
  • items to fill jars (See suggestions below.)

What You Do

  1. Gather a collection of clear, empty glass or plastic jars with lids. Remove all product labels from the jars.
  2. Fill the jars. You can create your own petrifying potions or copy our ideas.
  3. Paint the jar lids different colors.
  4. Glue on new labels. Design your own or print the labels shown here.

Crocodile Brains = painted walnuts
Fish Eyes = small rubber balls
Bat Bones = cotton swabs
Bullfrog Blood = water dyed with red food coloring
Werewolf Fur = brown craft pom-poms
Rat Intestines = cooked spaghetti
Bone Dust = salt or sugar
Venom = water dyed with yellow food coloring


Spooky Specimen Jars photo by Mark Godfrey
Click photo for a closer view.