Make Rain Music

Celebrate the rain by taking your metal pots and pans outside and making rain music.


What You Need

  • Metal pots
  • Muffin tins
  • Pouring rain
  • Raincoat
  • Rubber glove

What You Do

  1. Some day when it is pouring rain, gather metal pots, pans, bowls and muffin tins together.
    Find a spot where you can set up the items and hear the “rain music” as it splatters on them.
    Large plastic bowls make a “thud thud” noise which is not as satifying.
    Thin aluminum camping pots make the loudest noise.
    If you have a camera that records video, you can capture the sound.

  2. You can also try holding the pots under a downspout.
    At the corners of houses, when it is really pouring, sometimes the rain spills over the gutters. Here you can get a satisfying sound as well.
    If the rain is cold, put on a rubber glove to protect your hand.

  3. You can also collect the rain in the pots if you’d like.
    This is handy to:
  • measure how much rain falls during that storm
  • water your plants in your house
  • increase the water flow in the Waterways activity
  • hear a different kind of sound