Observe Stick Insects

stick insect

Stick insects can be tricky to see, even when they’re right in front of your nose. Here are some tips for spotting one.

What You Do

  1. Search Their Favorite Hang-Outs
    Try peering carefully at trees, shrubs, or even buildings.
  2. Handle with Care
    If you do find one, treat it gently. (Stick insects are very delicate.) Put a finger in front of it, and it may walk onto your hand. Don’t worry, these insects don’t bite or sting. But do watch out, because a few kinds can squirt out a smelly (but harmless) liquid when threatened.
  3. Trick a Friend
    After you’ve watched your stick insect for a while, put it back on a branch. Then ask someone else to try to spot it. See if your new stick friend is tricky enough to hide in plain sight!stick insect