Paper Snowflakes

Create a winter wonderland indoors by making paper snowflakes.

What You Need

  • white sheet of paper
  • plate
  • scissors

What You Do

  1. Cut Out Circle
    Using a plate, trace a circle onto a sheet of white paper. Cut out the circle.
  2. Fold Paper Circle
    Fold the paper circle in half. Fold the half circle into thirds. Fold in half again.
  3. Make Small Cuts in Paper
    Now, using scissors, cut out little pieces from both edges of the folded paper and from the rounded ends. The pieces can be rounded, triangular or square. You can snip a little off the pointed end, too. When you unfold the paper circle you should have a six-sided snowflake!

    • Tip: By changing the shape of the cuts you make, you change the way each snowflake looks. Your snowflakes can be as unique as those found in nature! Make the snowflakes more realistic by gluing cotton balls or glitter on them. Help your child to hang the snowflakes from the ceiling of his/her bedroom or in a window.

    Paper snowflakes