Pasta Flowerpot

Pasta pot

Turn an ordinary flowerpot into a great gift by decorating it with pasta animals!

What You Need

  • Small terra cotta flowerpot
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Different types of pasta (spaghetti, bow-tie, shells, elbow macaroni, etc.)
  • Water-based, clear sealer

What You Do

  1. Paint Pot with Sealer
    Paint the flowerpot inside and out with a water-based, clear sealer. Let dry.
  2. Decorate Pot
    Paint glue on the clay pot where you want to put a pasta animal. Then press the pasta into the glue. Repeat this process until you are finished decorating your flowerpot.
  3. Add Second Coat of Sealer
    Let the pot dry for several hours. Then apply a second coat of sealer to the outside of the flowerpot. Let dry.
  4. Add a Plant
    Put potting soil and a plant in the decorated flowerpot.

    Pasta pot