Pasta Shell and Meatball Hermit Crab Lunch

pasta shell meatball crab

Use pasta shells to make a crab that you can eat.

What You Need

  • Carrot
  • Lettuce
  • Large meatball, prepared and cooked to your preference
  • Black olive
  • Jumbo pasta shell
  • Pasta sauce

What You Do

  1. Cook Pasta
    Cook the pasta according to package directions. Cool the pasta enough to handle.
  2. Place Meatball Inside Pasta Shell
    Carefully place a meatball inside the shell. Arrange the shell so that the opening is on the side. You may want to stabilize it with a layer of greens.
  3. Slice and Add Carrots for Crab’s Legs
    • Wash and peel a medium-large carrot. Slicing diagonally, cut a few slices from the middle of the carrot. Save the unused portions for another meal.
    • Cut a small triangle out of the end of one of the slices. Repeat with a second slice. These will be the crab’s front pincer legs.
    • Trim the remaining slices to make four thin legs. Arrange the six legs around the meatball as shown in the photo.
  4. Add Olives for Eyes
    To make eyes, cut two small pieces from an olive and arrange them on the meatball. Serve with your favorite pasta sauce.pasta shell meatball crab