Penguin Dates

Penguin dates

Turn a bunch of pitted dates into a flock of snowy cream cheese snacks!

What You Need

  • Peeled carrot
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Pitted dates
  • Raisins

What You Do

  1. Stuff Dates
    Cut out a full-length opening on one side of the date. Stuff the opening with cream cheese.
  2. Add Carrot
    Slice off three circular pieces of carrot. Stick two carrot circles into the bottom end of the stuffed date to make feet. Slice the third carrot circle in half and stick one of the halves into the date to form a beak.
  3. Make Eyes
    Stick in two pieces of a raisin to make eyes. Perch the penguin on top of some cottage cheese “snow.”

    Penguin dates