Photograph Nature Spots

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Watch how a natural place changes through the seasons by taking photos throughout the year.

What You Need

  • Camera
  • Four-part picture frame (optional)
  • Photo album (optional)

What You Do

  1. Choose a nature spot where you can visit multiple times during a year.
    When you choose your spot, ideally find a place where there is a landmark of some kind that will be visible no matter what the season. Maybe it is where two paths meet. Maybe it is where there is a small post or sign. Maybe you take the photo from a bench.

    taking photo

  2. Four times a year – once for each season – take the same photograph.
    In order to capture the exact same angle and place, it helps to look at the photos you already took before heading out for the photo session.

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  3. Compare the photos from season to season.
    If you are doing the activity with a child, ask, “What has changed? What has stayed the same?”

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  4. Display the photos together.
    You can make a small four-part frame or a board book to teach about the seasons, or just to memorialize a special natural place that you love.
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