Play Sprinkler Games

sprinkler games

Keep cool with these three sprinkler games.

What You Need

  • Plastic cups
  • Sprinkler

What You Do

  1. Play “Simon Says”
    Give Simon Says a fun makeover by playing the game in a sprinkler. Make sure you add some water commands in addition to the typical moves, such as, Simon says, “Put your hands on your head.” Try, “jump over the sprinkler, “dance in the water,” “pretend to swim,” or “do a somersault.”sprinkler games
  2. Play “Fill the Cup”
    Have each player hold a plastic cup and stand on opposite sides of a sprinkler. The object of the game is to be the first to fill your cup. The trick? You must catch all that water without moving your feet. If your feet do move, you must dump the water on your head and start again.
  3. Play Sprinkler Freeze Tag
    Try this aquatic version of freeze tag. While the kids dance or run around the sprinkler, crimp the hose or turn off the faucet. Then turn the water back on to signal that all the players must freeze in place. They can’t move a muscle until you turn the water off again. Any child who moves is eliminated. The last player left in the game wins.
  4. Think Green
    Here are some tips for staying green when playing in a sprinkler:

      • Play late in the day when the sun won’t evaporate the water so quickly.
      • Place the sprinkler near the trees or flower beds so they’ll be watered as well.
      • Set shallow pans at the outer edge of the sprinkler’s reach to catch water for birds and other wildlife.
      • Move the sprinkler to a new spot every time you play.
      • Respect local water restrictions.