Polar Bear Snow Gauge

Before you jump in, make a polar bear snow gauge to measure how deep the snow is!

What You Need

  • craft glue (or cool-glue gun)
  • 1 large, white pom-pom
  • 1 small, black pom-pom
  • 2 small, white pom-poms
  • 2 mini-black pom-poms
  • ruler

What You Do

  1. Glue On Pom-Poms
    Glue the small white pom-poms on to the top of the large one to create ears. Then glue the small black pom-pom on as the nose and the mini-black pom-poms on as the eyes.
  2. Attach Polar Bear to Ruler
    Hold the ruler vertically, so the 12-inch mark is up and the 1-inch mark is down. Put glue on the top edge of the ruler and attach your polar bear head. Let the glue dry. (Hint: Prop up the ruler between two stacks of books.)
  3. Use Your Snow Gauge
    After it snows, take your polar bear outside to measure just how much it snowed. Keep the polar bear at the top and stick the other end all the way to the ground. Now read how far the snow comes up on the snow gauge ruler. That’s how much snow is on the ground. If it snows more than 12 inches where you live, you can make a snow gauge with a yardstick.

    • If you don’t have snow to measure, use your ruler to measure rainfall. Place a jar or tin can outside in an open area. Make sure that it is secure. (Try placing rocks all around the outside of the jar.) After it rains, use your gauge to measure how much rain fell.

    Polar bear snow gauge