Popcorn Cornucopia

Weave a harvest cornucopia that you can fill with popcorn!

What You Need

  • 3 sheets of construction paper (different colors)
  • popcorn
  • scissors
  • tape

What You Do

  1. Cut Construction Paper.
    • Cut two of the sheets of paper into 1” wide strips.
    • Cut slits lengthwise across the third sheet of construction paper. The slits should go to about 1” from either end and be 1” apart.
  2. Weave Paper.
    Weave the colored strips through the slits. Alternate the over and under pattern with each strip.
  3. Assemble Cone.
    Tape the outside edges of the paper to keep the strips in place. Roll the woven paper into a cone shape and then tape or staple to hold.
  4. Fill Cone.
    Fill the cone with popcorn and enjoy!popcorn cornucopia