Search for Wildlife After Rain

little girl snkake

While it’s raining, or just after it’s rained, go out for a nature walk in your neighborhood. Keep your eye out for little worms and other wildlife!

What You Need

  • Camera (optional)
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Pen and paper (optional)
  • Rain
  • Raincoat and boots

What You Do

  1. On a day where there is a forecast of heavy rain, walk around your neighborhood.
    Take your kids outside for a walk around your neighborhood or in your local park. Don’t forget your rain boots and rain coat to stay nice and dry, as well as your magnifying glass to see things up close!
  2. Walk around and take it all in
    Observe all the animals around you–birds swooping to get worms, worms coming out of their burrows to breathe, and watch how the rain effects the way animals play and go about their daily business.
  3. Time to get up close and personal
    Use your magnifying glass to get a closer look at worms and other bugs crawling on the ground after a rainfall. It’s a good time to use your pen and paper, too, and write down all the new things you saw while out on your walk outside.
  4. Build a new home for the worms so they don’t dry out
    Make sure to move the worms off of the sidewalk while you’re building them a new home. This will keep them safe from predators, such as birds, or people walking by. You can build their new home out of mud, twigs, grass, or whatever you want!little girl snkake