Set up a Homework Station Outside

Sometimes it is hard to do both homework and outdoor time – so why not combine the two?

What You Need

  • Homework
  • School supplies, such as containers with pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, tape, glue and erasers
  • Healthy snacks
  • Tablecloth

What You Do

  1. Set up an inviting spot to do homework outside.
    We make our deck table more fun for homework by adding an inviting tablecloth.
  2. To allow the umbrella to come up through the tablecloth, we cut a hole
    This pins show where we needed to put the hole.
  3. To keep the edges of the tablecloth from flying up, we put elastic on the corners
    Here they are pinned, but we sewed on the elastic – voila! We made a “table cape!”
  4. Then we set up our homework materials outside on the table
    You might need rocks or bins filled with pencils to keep the papers from flying around.
  5. Providing snacks when they get home from school can help with concentration
    Plus you get a science lesson – the girls noticed the star in the core of the apples!
  6. Another way to get some outside time after school starts is to have dinner outside.
    While the temperatures are still warm, have a picnic.
    Or when the weather gets colder, bundle up for a grill-your-own night.