Warm Winter Welcome

Winter is on the way. What can you do to make wildlife feel at home in your own yard? Plenty!

By Ellen Lambeth; Art by Debbie Palen

Fill the Feeder
For many creatures, winter means less food. And because winter days are short, it also means less time to find this food. Birds appreciate an easy treat.

Hang a House
Birds such as chickadees or bluebirds might snuggle up in a birdhouse for warmth on a cold winter’s night. A birdhouse makes a good storm shelter, too.

Pile It On
Pile up rocks or fallen branches lying in your yard. Put the biggest stuff on the bottom. Presto—a comfy home for hibernating butterflies, beetles, snakes, lizards, and toads!

Leave ’Em Standing
Clumps of dead flowers, grasses, and vines make cozy hideouts for rabbits, birds, and other creatures. Tiny bees and other insects use the stems as winter homes.

Let There Be Seeds
Let summer flowers go to seed. Seeds are “fast food” for seed-eating birds and other creatures.

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