Worm in on Earthworms

Earthworms are fascinating little creatures. Lure a few from underground and take a closer look.

What You Need

  • wooden stake or stick (about 3 feet long)
  • shorter bumpy stick (or one with notches cut into it)
  • hammer

What You Do

  1. Pound the stake.
    Pound the stake 1 to 2 feet into moist soil where you know earthworms live.worms 1
  2. Rub the sticks together.
    Rub the top part of the stake with the bumpy stick—rub back and forth the way a violinist moves a bow over violin strings.worm3
  3. Watch and admire!
    If you’re lucky, worms will squirm out of their holes in a few minutes. Watch—and admire—them carefully as they eventually wiggle their way back underground.worms2

Why Does This Work?
No one really knows. We do know that the rubbing sends vibrations into the ground. Some people think these vibrations may feel like moles or shrews digging in search of worms to eat, which would be a good reason for worms to move out!


earth worm