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Deadliest Dinos


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Let’s face it—lots of dinosaurs were scary! In this issue, you’ll meet some of the deadliest dinos that ever lived. The Tawa hallae was one of the earliest of the fierce, meat-eating dinosaurs. All meat-eating dinosaurs are called theropods.

The most famous theropod was Tyrannosaurus rex (ty-RAN-uh-SAWR-us rex).


How to I.D. a Meat-Eater

  • Sharp teeth and claws to help tear meat apart

  • Strong jaw muscles for biting

  • Animal bones found in the stomach area

  • Bite marks on fossils are a sign a meat-eater came visiting. Sometimes there’s even a theropod tooth left behind


One of the biggest theropods of the Jurassic Period was Allosaurus (AL-oh-SAWR-us). It could grow to the size of a bus!



Theropod Dinosaur Video