Duck Bills and Fancy Crests


Hadrosaur bodies were one of a kind!


This is a close-up photo of a hadrosaur skin fossil. Scientists have found several fossils of hadrosaur skin. Sometimes the skin covers the whole skeleton!


Hadrosaurs had wide, flat mouths that looked like duck bills. They used them to strip leaves off of plants.


Some hadrosaurs, such as this Parasaurolophus (pehr-uh-sawr-ALL-uh-fuss), had giant crests on top of their heads. Others hadrosaurs had simple, flat heads.


Hadrosaurs had round toenails on their front and back feet. Big hadrosaurs spent most of their time walking on all fours. But when they were scared, some could get up on their back legs and run!


Hadrosaurs had hundreds of teeth that were packed tightly together. This made a flat surface, perfect for chewing plants.