Call a bird closer

Do you see flitting birds and hear their trilling songs? Here’s how to get a closer look at some of these feathered friends!

  • Go to a place where you see or hear birds nearby, such as a row of shrubs, a big tree, or a patch of woods.

  • Make this sound: PSSSH, PSSSH, PSSSH. This is called “pishing.” To birds, it sounds like an alarm call, so they get curious about what is going on. Some birds may swoop down to investigate.

  • If you call a bird close to you, congratulations! Can you identify it? Check a field guide for help.

Can you match the bird with a song or bird call you’ve been hearing? Once you know the sounds and song a species makes, you will be able to know it is there just by hearing it sing. Need help identifying birds? Check out this helpful guide!