Learn How to Catch and Observe a Frog

Watching a frog next to a pond is fun. But it’s even more fun to hold that slippery frog in your hands!

  • Get Your Hands Ready

    Make sure your hands are clean and wet. Oils and lotions on your hands can hurt a frog, while wet hands help its skin stay moist.

  • Sneak Up On the Frog

    As long as the pond is shallow enough, it’s best to sneak up on the frog from the water. If you approach from the bank, the frog can simply jump into the pond and swim away.

  • Catch the Frog

    Cup your hands together and quickly pop them over the frog. Keep your hands cupped around the frog so it can’t jump away. But don’t squeeze it!

  • Keep the Frog Wet

    Dip your hands into the water now and then to keep the frog wet. And, of course, let it go after a short time.