Tell a Campfire Tale

Use these tips to entertain your family and friends with your own silly or scary stories at your next campout.

  • Start with something real.

    For instance, set your story in the place where you are. Mention some things you’ve seen or heard nearby. This will keep your audience guessing about whether your tale is true or not.

  • Use a dramatic voice.

    Talk slowly and clearly. For a spooky tale, use pauses to build the suspense.

  • Before you start, have the ending in mind.

    You can add details along the way, but it’s best to know where you’re headed.

  • What if you don’t have a story idea in mind?

    Start a group story instead. Go around the circle and have everyone add a line or two. The results will be ridiculous—and very funny.

Tell your very first tale during the Great American Campout!