December/January 2017

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Ranger Rick Jr December January 2017Reading can be combined with playtime to increase your child’s fun. On pages 27-31 of this month’s Ranger Rick Jr., several animals are enjoying themselves as they learn new skills.

We do the same thing. A child improves balance and increases strength by running and skipping. You can talk about how that is similar to the mountain goat kids jumping on page 28 as they learn to keep their footing on steep slopes.

Toddlers learn to pick up small toys, similar to how the young sea lion plays with a sea star. Team games like basketball are a way children learn to work together, such as the baboons playing together on page 30.

You and your child can play guessing games while reading Ranger Rick Jr. Ask your child to guess what the two lion cubs are saying to each other. What is the orangutan looking at as he swings from a branch?

Deer FamilyUse the pictures and stories in Ranger Rick Jr. to teach your child about the natural world. Share the pictures on pages 6-13. Talk about the similarities of the eight members of the deer family. Then ask your child to tell you about the differences between the deer. They can talk about the animals’ color, size and antler shape. Have fun using your imagination to encourage your child to tell stories about the animals.

Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!
Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project

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