December/January 2024

English Parent Reading Guide

walrus cover of Ranger Rick Jr.Dear Parents and Guardians:

In addition to stories for your child to read, Ranger Rick Jr. also has activities for you and your child to do together. This month, let’s do one of those activities.

Bonnie and Chester
Turn to page 23 and read the “Bonnie & Chester” comic. Then have fun making paper snowflakes just as the characters in the story did.

snowflake diagramTo make a snowflake with your child, all you need is a square piece of paper and scissors. Follow the illustrations at left.

  • Fold the paper into a triangle and again into a smaller triangle, 2nd and 3rd pictures 
  • Fold the triangle by 1/3 and fold the other side as shown in the 4th and 5th pictures
  • Cut off the top of the paper as shown in the 6th picture
  • Carefully cut out pieces of the paper along the edges as indicated in the bottom picture, but to not cut across the paper.
  • When the paper is carefully opened, your child has made a six-sided snowflake, as shown.

snowflakeAfter you have helped with the first snowflake, fold many pieces of paper and use your imagination to make different cuts to create other snowflake designs.

Ask other family members if they would like to make their own ‘special’ snowflakes as decorations for the holidays.

Wishing your family the best for 2024.

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Mike Wilson, Founder
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