February 2022

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Ranger Rick Jr. magazine is 10 years old this month. The National Wildlife Federation invites readers to celebrate. Your child can join the party with three activities.

Ricky stickersOn page 2, have your child find the Ricky Raccoon sticker and carefully place it on the space on page 3. As you read the magazine, have your child look for other blank spaces. Then he or she can return to page 2 for the sticker.

Scavenger hunts are a popular birthday party activity. With your help, your child can find ten activities on the Internet by using the QR codes found on pages of the magazine. Starting on page 3, scan the QR Code with the camera on your phone, and then have your child follow the instructions to create a birthday card and enter a contest. Other activities include a building a jigsaw puzzle, making a comic, and watching zoo animals eat birthday cake.

Have your child match each party guest with its favorite cake, count the raccoons in the forest, find the differences between the two illustrations, and get through the maze.

I hope you and your child have enjoyed the birthday activities.

Raccoons - Spanish Story¡Hola! Read about raccoons in Spanish at RangerRick.org/RaccoonSP


Mike Wilson, Founder

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