February 2024

English Parent Reading Guide

Ranger Rick Jr puffins cover February 2024Dear Parents and Guardians:

Every Ranger Rick Jr. shows us animal behaviors so your child can learn about nature. You can help each month by reading the magazine together.

Animals Say Hello Text




On pages 6–11 you’ll find an article that shows how elephants, birds, squirrels, wolves, sea lions, chimpanzees, and lions greet each other. Ask your child how he or she greets friends and family members. How are the animal greetings different from that of humans? How are they the same?

Then scan the QR Code on page 7 to watch a short video about the ways animals say, “Hello!”

Video QR code text

While you and your child are on the RangerRick.org site, check out other videos. You can see how fast a cheetah runs, the length of a giraffe’s tongue, and meet animals that come out at night.

Valentine's Day text

February has a special tradition–Valentine’s Day!

Turn to pages 24–25 and do the matching activity with your child. After reading the “WOOD you be my valentine?” card, write 1 next to the beaver on page 25. Then ask your child to write a 2 next to the animal that goes with the card that says “Will your BEE mine?” (The drawing of two bees goes with this card.) Continue alternating turns matching the remaining Valentine’s Day cards with the animals.

Enjoy reading time with your child!

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
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