June/July 2018

English Parent Reading Guide

June July 2018 RR Jr.Dear Parents and Guardians:

There are lots of eagle and fish pictures in Ranger Rick Jr. this month.

Please ask your child questions about the bald eagles as you read together pages 6-11. Here are suggested questions:

  1. What colors are the eagle’s beak, feet, talons and feathers?
  2. Eagles tear their food with their beaks. How do we cut our food? (Hint: With a knife or our front teeth.)
  3. An eagle’s wings “are as long as a sofa.” Would that be as tall as you or your child?
  4. Does your child like fish? What is his or her favorite food?
  5. Why do eagles “build a huge nest in a tall tree?” (Hint: To protect the chicks from predators.)
  6. Eagle chicks have “fuzzy, gray feathers” that change to “brown feathers” as they get older. What changes have occurred to your child since he or she was a baby? How will your child continue to change as he or she grows older?

You can use the Internet to help your child learn more about eagles. Watch these two YouTube videos:

Bald eagle catching a fish

Eagle parents feeding chicks

grizzly bear with fish clipartTo learn about other animals that eat fish, read pages 26-31 with your child.

Remember to read to your child every day this summer.

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.