March 2023

English Parent Reading Guide

March 2023 cover of Ranger Rick Jr. - orangutansDear Parents and Guardians:

This month, try using the QR codes found in Ranger Rick Jr. to learn more about the animals featured in the magazine. The QR codes link to videos that show you how the animals live and behave.

Pongo's Guide Text

Turn to page 6 to read a story about orangutans that is narrated by a young orangutan named Pongo. As you and your child learn how orangutans live in the rainforest, compare your life to Pongo’s.

orangutan questions text

Scan the QR code on page 9 to watch an orangutan swing in the treetops. The QR code on page 10 will show you the article in Spanish; and one on page 11 will take you to an online quiz where you can test your knowledge of orangutans.

Scan the other QR Codes in the magazine to enhance your child’s learning.

  • Page 14: Watch a kingfisher catch a fish.
  • Page 27: See a squirrel monkey frolic in the trees.
  • Back Cover: Learn how a beaver can see when it swims underwater.

With your help, your child can safely use multimedia with QR codes from Ranger Rick Jr.

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
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