Animal Selfies

By Hannah Schardt

Wild animals can be hard to photograph. Most are shy and run away when they see people. But the animals you see here seem eager for their moment in the spotlight!

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Cheeeeese! This crested black macaque (muh-KAK) grins at its own reflection in a camera lens. While checking out equipment set up by a photographer, the monkey accidentally pushed the shutter release and took this photo—a perfect selfie!

This young king penguin is losing its baby feathers—see those tufts on its head and neck? But it doesn’t mind looking a little scruffy. It waddled right up to the camera and posed.

A tiny treefrog perches on a photographer’s camera lens. If the photographer snapped a photo, what do you think it would look like?

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Rowr! A curious baby cheetah tries to show a camera who’s boss. It’s easy to act fierce when Mom is right behind you!

Griffon vultures are famous for the way they soar gracefully, high in the sky. Down on the ground, this one peers closely at a camera trap—a special camera that takes a picture automatically when it senses movement.

Camera? What camera? This red fox has no idea that a camera trap caught its pretty pose among the flowers in someone’s backyard.

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Nyah, nyah! This prehensile-tailed skink isn’t really being rude. It sticks out its tongue to “smell” the air!

This was going to be a nice, normal photo of a cute raccoon—until a white-tailed deer fawn strolled into the shot! Nice photobomb, fawn!

Aren’t you glad these camera-curious critters gave us a chance to see them face to face? 

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