Ranger Rick Thanks, Mom May 2013

Thanks, Mom!

By Ellen Lambeth

If animals could talk, here’s what the kids might say to their wonderful mothers.

Ranger Rick Thanks, Mom May 2013 1


I know I can be prickly.
(On that, you always harp.)
But still you take good care of me.
Mama, you’re really sharp!

Love, Porky

Ranger Rick Thanks, Mom May 2013 2


You pick me up. You put me down.
You like to move me all around.
But that’s OK—it keeps me safe.
Let’s find a fine new hiding place.

XXOO, Leopold


I need to nurse; I’m growing fast.
Slurp, slurp, slurp!
My mobile milk bar is a blast!
Slurp, slurp—BURP!

Lotsa Love from Minnie


Ow! Ack! I’m a messy macaque.
But this cleaning routine. . .
Can’t you get off my back?
OK, OK! I won’t monkey around.
I’ll sit still for my grooming
And won’t wear a frown.

Love, Sukoshi

Ranger Rick Thanks, Mom May 2013 3


What makes you so smart?
Will you teach me how
To go “fishing” for termites—
Such fine-tasting chow?
You make it look easy.
You make it look fun.
If I watch what you do,
Maybe I can catch one.

Hugs &  Kisses, Little Champ


I am just a tiny thing,
While you are big and strong.
I’m safe and warm, tucked in your wing,
Where nothing can go wrong.

Love ya, Bryan Gosling


You flap your ears, and you stomp your feet.
As my shield and protector, you cannot be beat.
As long as you’re near, I have nothing to fear.
You’re tough—but, to me, you are gentle and sweet!

You’re AWESOME! Ellie

Happy Mother’s Day to animal moms everywhere!


“Thanks, Mom!” originally appeared in the May 2013 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.
(Click on each image above for a closer view of the story.)

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