Ants Rule!

These little insects can do big things!

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  • There are many kinds of ants. They don’t all look the same, but they have the same body parts.
  • Most ant colonies have a queen. Her job is to lay eggs. The queen is much larger than the other ants.
  • The other female ants in a colony are called workers. They gather food and take care of the queen and the young. They also guard and clean the nest.
  • Ants “talk” to each other with scents called pheromones. They use their antennas to smell the scents given off by other ants.
  • Army ants work together to hunt meals much bigger than themselves.
  • Red ants get their food by “milking” little insects called aphids. A hungry ant rubs its antennas on an aphid. That makes the aphid squeeze out a sticky drop of sweet liquid. Yum!
  • Leafcutter ants carry pieces of leaves back to their colony. The ants use the leaves to grow fungus to eat.

Ants kahoot

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