Have you heard the sound of a common loon before?

These beautiful waterbirds have an interesting call that many people find eerie or enchanting.


What do you think about the sound?


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What are the different calls of the loon?

Common loons make four different kinds of calls.

1. Wail

A loon makes this sound when it is calling to a family member. The loon in this video is making this call.

2. Tremolo

A loon makes this sound when it is upset and wants to move to safety.

3. Yodel

A loon makes this sound when it is telling another loon to keep out of its territory.

4. Hoot

A loon makes this sound when it’s curious, happy, or wants to stay in touch with other loons nearby.


What time of day do loons call?

Loons make their calls most often at night. It’s easier for sound to travel over the water at night, so it’s easier for loons to hear each other at nighttime.


Where to loons go at night?

Loons are amazing swimmers. They can paddle and dive much better than they can walk. So, loons sleep while floating on the water where they can escape danger if they need to.


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