Books 7 and Up

Wildlife Around Us Field Guide & Drawing Book

Ages 8 and up

Ranger Rick’s Wildlife Around Us Field Guide & Drawing Book provides an adventurous look a the crawling, hopping, flying world all around us, inspiring a lifelong love of nature and all of the wildlife that lives within it. This 80 page soft cover book will help anyone learn to identify 26 different species and draw them in a naturalist’s notebook with fun facts, colorful photos, and step-by-step drawings.

CampingRanger Rick Kids Guide To Camping

Ages 8 and up

With Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Camping, kids will learn how to make roughing it easy. This 96 page hard cover book has great tips for choosing the best campsite and setting up a home away from home. Also included is a real working compass to help you navigate through the wilderness.

FishingRanger Rick Kids Guide To Fishing

Ages 8 and up

This hard cover book contains 96 pages and is the young angler’s guide to catching more and bigger fish and even includes a real working compass to help you navigate through the wilderness. Bring this book along on your next fishing trip, because somewhere in its pages is the one thing that will make all the difference between going home empty-handed and catching the biggest fish of your life.

Ranger Rick Kids Guide To Paddling

Ages 8 and up

Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Paddling shows you the places to go, gear to pack, tips for paddling comfortably and with skill, and how to stay safe when on the water. This book even has real working compass built-in to help you navigate while on longer paddling excursions! If you’re like most kids who love the outdoors, you also love kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding! By reading this book, you’ll learn all about small watercrafts and how to paddle them, what gear to take with you on the water, beautiful places to paddle, and what wildlife to look out for on the water. Once you reach the end of this book, you’ll know all the parts of your boat, the differences between a beaver tail paddle and a Greenland paddle, how to make a float plan, and how to care for and store your boat once you come home. You’ll also find lots of great practical tips, such as how to paddle for hours without getting tired, and techniques for going forward, backward, and sideways, all without getting wet!

HikingRanger Rick Kids Guide To Hiking

Ages 8 and up

Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Hiking shows you everything you need to know to have the most amazing hiking experiences! The book includes a real working compass that will help you find your way. Hiking is more than just a walk in the woods. Every outing is an adventure, and you never know what a hike will bring. By reading this book, you’ll learn where to go to hike, when to go, what to wear, and what to bring with you. You’ll also learn how to take care of nature and how to stay safe while on the trail. But best of all, this book shows you how you can have the most fun while hiking.

Ranger Rick National Parks

Ages 7 and up

Our national parks are special places set aside for us to hike, play and explore nature – and for wildlife to roam freely – without worrying about buildings, traffic or too many people getting in the way. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, Ranger Rick shares his favorite places and top things to do in each national park, along with amazing facts about the birds, animals and plants that live there.

ButterfliesRanger Rick Butterflies

Ages 7 and up

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet and that some caterpillars seem to have giant eyes? Ranger Rick uncovers the fun and fascinating world of butterflies and caterpillars with amazing facts, fun games, and awesome full-color photos. Children will also learn what they can do to help protect these intriguing insects.

Ranger Rick Reptiles

Ages 7 and up

What kind of snake can be as long as a school bus? Why do some lizards walk on water? In this exciting book about turtles, snakes, lizards, crocodiles and their scaly-skinned kin, Ranger Rick offers and up-close look at reptiles’ amazing senses, tricky defenses, and wide variety of strategies for moving around, catching and eating food, and bearing young.

Ranger Rick Sharks

Ages 7 and up

This book brings the underwater world of sharks to life with eye-catching photos and captivating information about these mysterious and unusual aquatic hunters. Readers will learn how sharks live and hunt under the sea, and they’ll get a close-up look at the various species of sharks, including Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, and even Great Whites!

Ranger Rick Wild Cats

Ages 7 and up

From animals that look like small dragons to those that shed their skin and transform into fairy-like insects, explore the fun and fascinating world of the creatures that live around us with the Amazing Animals series! This book explores big cats, including lions, tigers, and many more ferocious felines! It contains fun facts, quizzes, games and color photographs throughout!

World of Birds

Ages 7 and up

Do you wish you knew more about the birds you see every day? This book is packed with cool facts and highly accurate illustrations for more than 100 birds. Give kids a true and close-up appreciation of birds and discover which is the fastest flier, which lays the biggest egg, and which spend years of its life in the water never touching land.

Ranger Rick Collection of BooksCollection of Ranger Rick Books

Ages 4-7 & 7 and up

This collection of Ranger Rick books is the perfect gift for Ranger Rick lovers. Each Ranger Rick book is an invitation for kids to explore the natural world around them, with the beloved Ranger Rick and friends as their personal guide. The collection is sure to inspire a new generation of conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts.