Cubby Plush and Trailmix CDCubby Plush and Trail Mix CD

This collection includes Ranger Rick® Cubby plush and Trail Mix CD.

Trail Mix CD Vol 1. is a collection of catchy songs by the award-winning Whizpops band of teaching artists and musicians is filled with fascinating facts about animals of North America. The band performs pop, rock, country, reggae and other music styles to enhance memorable lyrics with science-based messages that will entertain and inspire future conservationists and animal lovers of all ages.

Cubby Plush and Cub MagazineCubby Plush and Cub Magazine

This collection includes Ranger Rick® Cubby plush and Cub Magazine.

Cub Magazine will introduce toddlers to the world of animals. Featuring age-appropriate stories and fun activities that build pre-reading skills. Toddler-friendly pages that fit little hands, on tough paper and bound safely without staples.

Ranger Rick Plush

Explore with Ranger Rick! From the plains, to the mountains, to the seas, Ranger Rick is your guide as you travel across the globe. With his felt hat and backpack that opens and closes, the Ranger Rick Doll is prepared for your next adventure. His soft fur and warm eyes will make snuggle time extra special as your little explorer reads and learns about wildlife and ways to protect the natural environment.