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What is the Ranger Rick Web Club?
The Ranger Rick Web Club opens a web world of wildlife learning fun for kids. It gives kids access to scores of award-winning animal articles, fun facts, activities, recipes, crafts, games and puzzles. This web world is optimized for computer, tablet and mobile phone so kids can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

How do we become members for the Ranger Rick Web Club?
An adult registers and pays for a membership at webclub.rangerrick.org. At the time of registration, you choose between a regular membership or a gift membership.

For a regular membership, after registration and payment, you create a username and password that your child or children will use to gain access to the Ranger Rick Web Club for as long as the membership lasts.

For a gift membership, after registration and payment, you identify where instructions for creating a username and password will be sent. You can provide the email or have it sent to you and then forward the instructions to the gift recipient. Please note a parent or adult caregiver must be part of the sign up process, so let the gift recipient’s family know the gift is coming.

How do I claim my All Access to Ranger Rick Web Club?
To set up your account please visit https://www.rangerrick.org/toptierlogin, look for the label “Search for your current ALL ACCESS subscription below” and enter your account number and last name.

How does my gift recipient claim her/his All Access to Ranger Rick Web Club?
For gift membership, please forward this email to the reader and have them set up their account at https://www.rangerrick.org/toptierlogin and enter the account number and last name.

What if I don’t see an email with instructions to access Web Club?
In some occasions your confirmation email may be identified as spam, please check your spam mailbox or visit https://www.rangerrick.org/toptierlogin and have your account number in hand for registration.

How do I claim a gift membership?
You can visit Claim Your Gift Membership in the Ranger Rick Web Club, to create your account and start enjoying the Ranger Rick Web Club. Make sure you have your gift code handy. Your gift code can be found in your gift announcement.

What if we forget the password?
If you forget your password, just click Forgot Password on the log in page to reset it.

How long is a membership?
The basic membership is a full year, 12 months. Memberships of varying lengths may be offered in the future.

How much does a membership cost?
Please go to webclub.rangerrick.org for current pricing and membership terms.

As a subscriber to Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr. or Ranger Rick Cub, how do I get access to the web club?
Thank you for being a Ranger Rick subscriber! The Ranger Rick Web Club is designed to complement your subscription, please go to webclub.rangerrick.org and register for the Ranger Rick Web Club. Joining the Club gives your young reader of Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr. or Ranger Rick Cub access to more wildlife learning fun that can be accessed on computer, tablet or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

What if I have other Web Club customer service questions or issues?
You can check basic information about your Ranger Rick Web Club membership by sending a help request form at: https://rangerrick.org/contact-us/, or write to our customer service at nwfcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com.

How do I look up my printed magazine account information?
Please visit our online Customer Service Center to get help locating your account information.