All About Ants


Some ants have stingers at the ends of their bodies, like wasps and bees. Ant stings can hurt!

Ants don’t have bones, but they do have a hard, fingernail-like covering called an exoskeleton to protect their bodies.

Six legs take the ant where it wants to go. Ants don’t have ears, but they can hear by sensing vibrations with their knees.

Ants have special sense organs called antennae, which they use to touch, smell, and communicate.

An ant’s two big eyes are made of many tiny parts, which help to make up the image that the ant sees.

An ant’s jaws, or mandibles, work like scissors. Ants use them to pick up objects, cut leaves, and sometimes even bite!

Do ants fly?
Male ants do, but the ants you see scurrying on the ground are female workers. They don’t have wings and never fly.

What about queen ants?
There’s a special type of female called a queen. Not only is she the only ant that can lay eggs—she’s also the only female that can fly, at least for a little while. After mating, the queen rubs off her wings and starts laying eggs. She becomes the mother of all the ants in her colony, but she never flies again.