Little Cubs: Learning and Growing


Learning and Growing

How do little cubs make their way in the world? With a little help!

Brrr! Polar bear cubs are usually born in the frigid months of December and January. How do they stay warm in the icy Arctic? They snuggle against their furry moms for a cozy snooze in the snow.

Snuggly Bears

Rough ‘n’ Tumble
As they get older, bear cubs of all kinds—like these Asian black bears—learn to hunt and play by wrestling with their brothers and sisters. Grrr!

Look at those teeth! Remind me not to “play” with any bears.

Hairless and Helpless
Like all bear cubs, even “giant” pandas are born tiny—smaller than a grown-up’s hand! They depend on their mothers to keep them warm, safe, and fed.

Same means alike. Different means not alike. Some of these bears have the same colors. Can you find them? Which bears have different colors?

Gone Fishin’
Mother grizzly bears teach their cubs to hunt, fish, and forage, so when they get bigger, they can feed themselves.