3 Ways to Play in the Dirt to Celebrate Earth Day

dirt hands

The Earth may be a planet, but “earth” is also another word for dirt. Head outside and celebrate Earth Day by playing in the dirt!

What You Need

  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Plastic containers (various sizes)

What You Do

  1. Dig in the Dirt
    Dig up some dirt from your yard and spread it on a piece of white paper. Have your child explore the dirt with all of his senses (except taste, of course). Ask: What color is the dirt? What is its texture? What about its smell? Pour a little water on the dirt and have your child describe what dirt sounds like when “drinking” or absorbing water. Does its smell change at all?dirt hands
  2. Make a Dirt Castle
    Give your child different sized containers to mold soil into a “dirt castle.” If the dirt won’t hold together, add a little water to your containers of dirt. Encourage your child to look for sticks, pebbles, flowers, or other natural objects that can be used to make the castle’s drawbridge, flag, or anything else she can imagine.
  3. Make a Dirt Painting
    Mix up some “dirt paint” in a plastic container by adding water to dirt until it’s the consistency of tempera paint. Give your child a paintbrush and paper to create some lovely, earthy artwork. Or, give your child a larger paintbrush and encourage him to paint on the sidewalk.