Albatross Puppet

Albatross Puppet 1156x650_John Collins

Let your imagination soar with this albatross puppet.

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Download the Albatross Pattern.
    Download and print the albatross puppet pattern.Albatross pattern
  2. Cut the Bird’s Body and Wings.
    Use the pattern to cut the bird’s body and wings out of craft foam.
  3. Cut a Slit for the Wings.
    Cut a slit in the bird’s body for the wings.
  4. Draw the Beak, Eyes, and Feathers.
    Draw the bird’s beak, eyes, and feathers with the markers.
  5. Put on the Bird’s Wings.
    Slide the wings through the slit in the bird’s body.
  6. Staple the Sock On.
    Staple the toe of the sock onto the underside of the bird’s body.

    Albatross Puppet 1156x650_John Collins
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