Get Earthy on Earth Day!

Turn your yard into a WILD place!

You can invite wildlife to drop by—even move in—by providing four things that all animals need.

  1. Food. This can be anything from a bird feeder to a berry bush to a garden full of native plants (plants that naturally belong in your region).
  2. Water. Set out a flowerpot saucer or upside-down trash can lid. Fill it with water and see who comes to drink or bathe.
  3. Shelter. Many creatures use brush heaps, rock piles, bushes, or trees to hide or rest in.
  4. Places to raise young. Birdhouses, bat boxes, and leafy plants (for insects) make great nursery sites.

Have an adult visit to find lots of other tips for welcoming wildlife to your yard.

Artwork by Debbie Palen


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