Corn Weaving Craft

corn weaving craft

Weave paper strips to make colorful Indian corn to hang on your door or wall.

What You Need

  • Glue
  • Yellow, red, and black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Yarn or raffia

What You Do

  1. Cut Yellow Paper
    Cut yellow construction paper into three pieces measuring about 4″ x 9″ each. Cut four slits lengthwise across each piece of yellow paper. The slits should go from one end of the paper to about an inch from the other end, and be at least 1/2″ apart.
  2. Cut Red and Black Paper
    Cut 1/2″ strips out of red and black paper.
  3. Weave Paper Strips
    Weave the colored strips through the slits in the yellow paper. Alternate the over-and-under pattern with each strip. Weave until you reach the bottom of the yellow paper.
  4. Secure Paper with Tape
    Flip each piece of yellow paper and tape the outside edges to keep the strips in place.
  5. Cut Weaving Into Corn Shape
    Cut each weaving into the shape of an ear of corn. Glue the ends of the strips to keep them from sticking up.
  6. Add Raffia or Yarn
    Cut pieces of raffia into 10″ lengths. Staple several strands to the top of each ear. Arrange the ears and staple together. Use the raffia to hang your decoration.

    corn weaving craft