Explore a Shore

There’s more to do at a shore than swim or build a sand castle. Dive into these seaside activities!


  • When the tide is out, look for pools of water left behind in rocks. Then find out what’s going on in these tidepools. What’s crawling or swimming around and what’s attached? For a better look, use a swim mask or goggles.
  • Check the rocks at low tide. Can you find the mark where the water reached at high tide? Start there and work your way to the low-tide line. What lives at each spot along the way? Don’t forget to peek in and under clumps of seaweed. Once on shore, mark down in a journal what you discover.
  • Watch stuck-on creatures as the tide comes in and covers them with water. Do mussels open their shells? Do barnacles kick out their feathery feet to eat?


  • Watch birds, crabs, and other creatures move across the sand. What tracks do they leave?
  • Fill a bucket with water and then scoop in some wet sand. Does anything swim out of the sand?
  • When the tide is out, check the line of stuff left behind by the last high tide. How many different kinds of seaweed can you find? Look for crab and snail shells, egg cases, and other animal remains. Are there any living creatures in there?
  • Forget sand castles. Build a creature out of sand instead!

TIP #1: Leave all sea creatures where you found them. 

TIP #2: Wet rocks and seaweed are slippery, so watch your step. Keep track of the tide and watch out for waves.


Here are MORE ways to explore a shore!

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