Endangered Species: 5 Ways You Can Help

Pick one thing on this list to start doing today. In no time, you’ll be an endangered species superhero!


1. Learn about endangered species—especially the ones in your own area. When you think of endangered species, you may think of the giant panda or the blue whale. But there may be a bird, a frog, or even a plant that lives near you and needs help.

2.  Make your own yard a habitat for wildlife. Fill your garden with native plants—ones that grow naturally in your area. Insects such as butterflies and bees—including some that are endangered—use those plants for food and shelter.

3.  Don’t buy products made from endangered or threatened species. When you travel outside the United States, say “no, thank” to souvenirs made from tortoise shell, ivory, coral, and fur.

4.  Don’t use products that harm wildlife. Try to use less throwaway plastic, which can end up in the ocean and hurt marine animals. And encourage your family to avoid using chemicals in the yard that can harm insects and birds.

Also, be picky about palm oil. Palm oil is often used to make chocolate bars, cookies, soaps, shampoos, and other products. Many rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia are being cut down to grow oil palm trees. This is destroying the habitats of several endangered species, including orangutans, pygmy elephants, and Sumatran rhinos. Avoid products that use palm oil. Or check product labels to make sure any palm oil was produced in a rainforest-friendly way.

5.  Speak out! Write a letter to your senator or congressional representative, asking him or her to help protect endangered species.

To learn about endangered species or to find events for Endangered Species Day, visit endangeredspeciesday.org.

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