Have a Bug Scavenger Hunt

Boy with basket

This is like an egg hunt but with toys bugs and teaches about camouflage.

What You Need

  • Basket or bag for each participating child
  • Toy bugs, snakes, lizards, worms or anything a bird might eat

What You Do

  1. Gather from around the house any small toys with the theme of a bird’s lunch.
    Many kids have these small toys around the house, but if you don’t have them, you can make cardboard cut outs and have the kids decorate them.
    Count how many objects you have so you don’t leave some out in the grass or snow.
  2. Head outside and have the kids cover their eyes.
    It’s important to have clear boundaries for your hunt, so the kids don’t wander all over. Plus you need to be able find your objects again, so you want to know where to look!
    Give each child a basket or bag.
    Toss the toys all over a designated area.
  3. Send them out to find the items.
    This will probably look a bit like the mad scramble when a pinata breaks. Get ready to show great excitement as they discover each item.

    Boy with basket

  4. Count up the items.
    Now is the time to “ooh” and “aah” over all the yummy things that your little birds found.
    Count everything up to see if everything is found. Send out the hunting parties again if you are short.
    Talk with them about which creatures were easy to find, and which were challenging. Talk about how this is true in nature too – that some animals are brightly colored and some blend in. Ask them to think of examples of each type.

    Girl with toy bug

  5. Take turns tossing the bugs again
    It’s fun to find the creatures, but it is also fun to be the one who tosses things all over the yard! So let the kids have a turn as well.

    Bug scavenger hunt basket