Let It Rain!

By Kate Hofmann; art by Debbie Palen

Rain, rain, go away. . . No, wait! Please STAY! Let’s go outside and PLAY!

Raining? Don’t let that keep you in. As long as there’s no lightning and it’s not too cold, there’s no need to be stuck indoors. Put on your raincoat and your rubber boots. (Or don’t—getting soaked is half the fun.) Then dash outside for some squishy, soggy rain games!

1. Jump in a Puddle

Running and racing through raindrops is lots of fun. Stopping to stomp in a puddle is even more fun! Have a super-splashy time seeing just how wet you can get.

2. Listen to the Music

Pitter-patter, drip-drop, splish-splash, pour-ROAR! Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the rain. Can you hear the drops making music on tree leaves, your coat, a metal roof, a pond, or anything else? Wander around and choose your favorite rainy tune.

3. Play a Rain Song

After listening to the music of the rain, set up a new musical instrument for the falling water to play. (For example, you could arrange a bunch of metal cans, bowls, or pots and pans in a line.) Does the song change as the rain speeds up or slows down?

4. Paint with Rain

Want to get artistic? Head inside and decorate a thick piece of paper in one of these ways:

• Draw a design with washable markers.
• Paint with watercolors.
• Sprinkle on some powdered tempera paint.
Then dash out again to set your paper in the rain. Watch as it’s transformed into a whole new work of watery art.

5. Build a Waterway

Now that you’re good and wet, it’s time to get muddy. In a place where the rainwater is running downhill, make a moving-water sculpture. You can change the way the water travels by putting rocks, sticks, sand, or mud in its path. Just go with the flow!

Rangers: Ever been told to come in out of the rain so you don’t catch a cold? Don’t worry! Rain can’t make you sick. In fact, running around outside—rain or shine—is a very healthy thing to do!

Click here to download a pdf of these activities.