Make a Leaf or Branch Nest

girls leaves

Try building a nest out of leaves and branches that’s big enough for you to climb inside.

What You Need

  • Grass clippings, leaves, or pine needles
  • Sticks or branches
  • Blankets or towels

What You Do

  1. Gather Ideas
    Go on a “nest quest” in your neighborhood. Nests are often hidden, so look for parent birds coming and going, and listen for the sounds of hungry chicks peeping. Be sure to stay far enough away that you don’t disturb the feathered family.
  2. Pick a Perfect Place
    Do you want a tucked-away nest where you’ll be hard to see? A wide-open nest with a nice view? Head outside to choose a spot that feels just right—whether it’s under a bush, deep in tall grass, or up on a rock!
  3. Pile It Up
    Grass clippings, leaves, or pine needles will make a soft, comfortable nest shape. With sticks or branches, you can build the walls tall. If you want a very sturdy nest, how about rocks or logs? You might also ask a grownup if you can take some old blankets or towels outside to line your nest, making it soft and clean inside.
  4. Enjoy Your Nest
    When your nest is done, what will you do? You could invite a friend for a game of pretend and imagine you’re baby birds. You could curl up in your nest with a book or a game. Or you could just lie back and look at the sky or treetops, imagining what life would be like if you grew wings!girls leaves