Make a Rock Necklace

rock necklace

Transform a rock into a piece of nature jewelry.

What You Need

  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Newspaper
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Painting smock
  • Ribbon, string or yarn
  • Small rock, approximately 1 inch wide
  • Twig or place to hang painted necklace to dry
  • Water-soluble varnish (optional)

What You Do

  1. Find a small rock.
    We found the best rocks were about one inch long and not quite as wide. It can be any type of rock. We tied string, ribbon or yarn around the rock like you’d tie a package – criss-cross on the back, then flip it over and weave the ends underneath. Then tie a knot or two.
  2. We found that string, thin ribbon and yarn all worked.
    We found that the rock fell out of elastic string, and jewelry wire tended to break.


  3. Paint the rock.
    You could paint the rock before tying it if you want to keep the string from getting painted. But we wanted the string to blend in to the rock, so we painted it afterwards. Hang the rock necklace to dry on a twig or other hook.

    painting rock

  4. Once it is dry, decorate it with beads and buttons.
    The beads and buttons cover up the places where the paint smudged the ribbon, string or yarn, pluse they look great!
    Optionally, you can also varnish over the paint, especially if you used a washable paint and want to protect your clothing from any paint smears in the rain.

    rock necklace