Make Bowling Pins from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recycle your plastic bottles and turn them into bowling pins!

What You Need

  • six clear plastic bottles
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • red ribbon or duct tape (available in craft stores)

What You Do

  1. Remove all labels from the bottles.
  2. Squirt some white paint and a few drops of water inside each bottle. Put the caps on and shake the bottles until they’re completely coated with paint. (You may need to add more paint.)
  3. Pour out the leftover paint and let the bottles dry overnight.
  4. Cut two strips of red ribbon or duct tape for each bottle and attach to the necks, as shown.

    TIPS: If your bottles are lightweight and keep tipping over, drop a few coins or pebbles inside to weigh them down.
    To make your own ball, crumple a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball. Wrap it repeatedly with colorful rubber bands.


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