Make Froggy Pop-up Valentines

trace pop up

Here’s a cheery cut-out frog card you can make for Valentine’s Day—or any day!

What You Do

  1. Draw your pattern
    Trace or draw the face pattern onto a piece of folded green paper, as shown.trace pop up
  2. Cut out the frog face
    Keeping the paper folded in half, cut out the frog face. Cut out the mouth and use a paper punch to make the nostrils.cut frog face
  3. Cut out a shape for the frog’s eye
    With the face still folded in half, fold along line A. Cut out the eye.cut frog eyes
  4. Fold along lines B and C
    To make the folds crisper, press down along them with a ruler or with your scissor handles.cut frog lines
  5. Open the folds to reveal a frog
    Open up your frog face and gently pull the lower lip, nose, and eyelids forward so they look like those in the photo. Push all the other folds back. If you want, decorate your frog. (It’s easier now than when it’s glued into the card.)
  6. Glue the frog to a card
    Fold an 8 1/2 x 11″ piece of paper in half. Turn your frog over and dab glue on one half of the face (see pattern). Line up the bottom point of the face with the fold of the card and glue this one side in place. Flatten the face, dab glue on the other side, and press the card closed.
  7. Make the frog tongue
    Trace or draw the tongue pattern on a piece of folded red paper. Cut out. Then fold back the tabs at the dotted lines. Glue the two pieces of the tongue together as far back as the dotted lines. Then glue the tabs inside the frog’s mouth, one tab on either side of the card’s fold.